Potluck Protocol
Potluck Protocol
Phase 1.0
  • Launch FANG on Fantom Opera
  • Whitelisting on Spookyswap and Spiritswap
  • Achieve $500,000 liquidity on FANG/FTM pair
  • Achieve 15% emissions reduction
Phase 2.0
  • Secure first Layer-1 partnership on Fantom for Gamified Binary Options dApp release
  • Secure land in 8BitNostalgia Metaverse
  • Launch of Gamified Binary Options dApp
  • Release of new staking reward model
  • Move cross-chain by securing more Layer-1 partners for our dApp (using proof of concept from Fantom partnership) to bring increased revenue for FANG stakers.
  • Achieve 30% emissions reduction
Phase 3.0
  • Deploy more fee-generating dApps with our partners
  • Achieve 50% of circulating FANG locked in our staking vault
  • Achieve 50% emissions reduction
Long term
  • Achieve 75% emissions reduction
  • Build a FANG dApp headquarters in the 8BitNostalgia Metaverse
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